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Auto ledger analysis  

Welcome to Beond Audit, the SaaS software that transforms ledger analysis for audit purposes through seamless integration with your ERP system. Our cutting-edge technology automates the entire process, empowering auditors to efficiently analyze and extract insights from financial data with accuracy and precision. Say goodbye to manual ledger analysis and embrace the power of automation to streamline your audit workflow.

Features that automate your job

Direct integration with Tally 

40 + Auto Audit Analysis

Detailed presentation of ledgers

Graphical presentation of ledgers

Audit observation for each ledger

From ERP integration to data accuracy.

Work efficiently and get the desired results 

Boost audit efficiency with our SaaS software for auto ledger analysis. Seamlessly integrated with your ERP system, our innovative solution automates the process, empowering auditors to extract accurate insights from financial data. Say goodbye to manual analysis and streamline your workflow with the power of automation.

Streamlined Ledger Analysis for Audits:

Seamless ERP Integration & Import

Our SaaS software seamlessly integrates with your organization's Tally ERP system, providing direct access to financial data for audit purposes. By connecting to your ERP, our software eliminates the need for manual data extraction, ensuring real-time availability of accurate financial information for analysis.For ERP other than Tally , direct import of transactions through our simple import templates makes the job work for you.

ERP integration
automatic ledger analysis

Automated Analysis

Our software automates the complex process of ledger analysis specifically tailored for audit requirements. Leveraging advanced algorithms and intelligent data processing, it quickly identifies anomalies, irregularities, and potential risks within the financial data. This automation enables auditors to focus their efforts on high-value tasks and make informed decisions based on reliable insights.

Audit Dashboards

Our software’s dashboards  provide a comprehensive view of critical audit metrics and key findings ,allowing you to monitor areas of interest, track progress, and identify potential audit issues. With interactive visuals and drill-down capabilities, auditors can easily navigate through the data to gain deeper insights.

Audit dashboards
audit reporting

Advanced Audit Reporting

Generate comprehensive audit reports effortlessly with our software. Our solution provides pre-built templates and customizable reporting options to meet the unique needs of your audits. Whether you require detailed findings, risk analysis, or financial statements, our software enables auditors to generate professional-grade reports efficiently, saving valuable time and resources.

Data Accuracy and Security

We prioritize data accuracy and security throughout the audit process. Our software utilizes robust encryption protocols and strict security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your sensitive financial data. Rest assured that your information is protected at all times during analysis and reporting.

data accuracy and security
audit efficiancy

Enhanced Audit Efficiency

By automating ledger analysis, our software enhances the overall efficiency of your audit process. Manual tasks such as data entry and analysis are minimized, allowing auditors to focus on critical audit procedures. This increased efficiency not only saves time but also improves the accuracy and effectiveness of your audits.

Experience the Power of

Automated Ledger Analysis for Audits

Unlock the full potential of your audit process with Beond Audit. Our SaaS software, integrated with your ERP system, automates ledger analysis for audits, providing auditors with valuable insights and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your audits.

Embrace automation and transform your audit workflow with our state-of-the-art solution.

Contact us today to- learn more about how our software can revolutionize your ledger analysis for audit purposes and take your audits to the next level.

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