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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Beond Audit FAQ page! Find answers to common queries about our app's features and more below.

  • How Beond Audit benefits me?
    Audit Intelligence and paperless auditing is no longer the need of future. From Audit work management to financial statement preparation, Beond Audit works as an all in one to manage your audit work and audit clients.
  • Does Beond Audit support financial statement preparation for both company and non company ?
    Yes. Beond Audit supports the generation of financial statements both in schedule III & Non-corporate entity format.
  • Do we need to manually format financial statements?
    No. Beond audit generates financial statements in ready-to-sign format and it automatically formats the entire financial with auto-numbering of financial notes.
  • Do we need to map trial balance every year manually?
    Mapping of the trial balance is a one-time activity to be done for the first time and from the second year onwards it is fully automated by using past year mapped data. Even for the first year 80- 90 % of the accounts can be mapped using auto mapping and bulk mapping features in a few minutes.
  • Can we use Beond Audit tool for all type of audits?
    Yes. The audit module of Beond Audit supports not only statutory audits and also all other types of audits like internal audit, interim audits, stock audits, etc. The entire audit module workflow is based on the audit program and procedures we plan for each client.
  • Can we generate financial statement as per Ind AS format?
    Beond Audit currently doesn’t support financial preparation in Ind AS format. However same will be available in future edition.
  • How well Beond Audit handle audit documentation ?
    The audit module of Beond Audit is designed by considering the importance of audit documentation and all the documents and working papers that are generated for the clients are kept in the document manager for future reference and use under client tags.
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